Jockey Club Long COVID Self-Management Support Services Website

The purpose of our Jockey Club 'Long COVID- Rehabilitation Programme – Self-Management Support Service' web app is to support, promote and encourage people recovering from COVID-19 to build a healthier physical and mental life and mitigate the impact of COVID-19 symptoms.

Our website offers flexible and diverse features that provide personalized information and services to different types of patients.

The website mainly assists users in setting rehabilitation goals and continuously follows up on the progress of the goals set by users. In addition, the website will provide teaching resources related to specific symptoms, as well as other important information, guidelines and recommendations on "Long Covid-19", As well as encourage users to record the activities that will bring progress to their recovery and the physical and mental state of those relevant activities.

WhatsApp us at 5666 9177 for technical support.

Key features:
  • Individual solutions:

    Tailor-made solutions for users by experts and providing appropriate support. This platform also provides users with one-stop information about rehabilitation, making the road to rehabilitation easy.

  • Closely monitor and document progress:

    Set a schedule for your activities and continuously monitor your physical and mental status, follow up and manage your progress towards your goals.

  • Learn and stay in good shape:

    Watch the instructional videos provided by the experts to learn how to effectively manage the symptoms of "COVID-19" and get appropriate advice so that you can achieve your rehabilitation goals step by step.

This site:
  • It is provided free of charge for people living with COVID-19

  • Free of charge for use by the public and healthcare professionals

  • Patients may choose to use this website themselves or consult a healthcare professional and use it under their prescription and guidance.

  • Support, promote and encourage patients with "Long Covid-19" to establish a healthier physical and mental life, and alleviate the impact of "Long Coronavirus" symptoms

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